My last roadshow.

We are getting to the point where I do things for the last time. I work with a small team of people on a consumer-affairs programme called The Ferret. Every now and then, we take the show to the viewers and turn up to film in their town. We had the presenter and cameraman up in Anglesey on Tuesday and then the whole crew met for dinner, bed and breakfast at The Red Lion in Llanasa.

The next day, despite it being mid November, the sun shone all day in a virtually cloudless sky. I filmed a bloke who was bothered by uncontrolled vegetation clogging up a gully at the foot of his garden and threatening to block his view of the mountains. All very normal stuff but a little poignant whenever I thought “This might be the last time …”

“Our last roadshow!” called our presenter as we parted company on Prestatyn beach. Yes, it’s really happening. A lot of work to do between now and the end of December but the list of ‘last times’ has already started.

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