Building a website at last!

Although I have owned a couple of domain names for ages, I have never got round to learning how to do the website thing. Now, thanks to redundancy which gives me the time, and the NUJ which gives me the training, I am well on the way. Watch out for a jolly interesting website coming our way soon!

More to follow …

And here’s some more. It’s a case of the more you learn, the more you understand how little you know.
It will take time to do this properly – even to get it started properly – but I will do it.

Deeper into the Web!

Just been on a two-day ‘writing for the web’ course organised by the NUJ. 

Before I was made redundant, I never went on these courses because I was too busy working and, if ITV wanted me to learn something, they’d train me at their expense and in their own time. Now, however, I am free to make my own decisions about what training I do. The tutor was Simon Williams who teaches at Cardiff University’s Journalism School and is a webmaster for various bodies, including Friends of the Earth.

If you click on the blue ‘NUJ’ in the first paragraph, you should be linked through to the NUJ Training Wales website. I didn’t know it was so easy to make such links until I did this course. I’ll go back over previous posts and link to Cardiff Fencing Club and things like that.

Most of all, this course made me realise, more than ever, that the web is getting bigger and stronger and more important all the time. There is so much that can be done with it. It’s arguably bigger than the industrial revolution and more of a force for global social change than any political movement.

Whatever I choose to do in the future, it will almost certainly benefit from my being up-to-date with the latest developments in the web and the opportunities they all present.

Next month, I’m doing a website-building course and I might fit in a social media one before that.