Back from the Toothache Zone

For nearly three weeks, I have had chronic toothache. Not just chronic – stereochronic! An upper incisor and a lower molar suffered from dying nerves and the incisor had a bacterial infection as well. Can’t sleep, can’t think, can’t bloody stand it. Apart from anything else, constant pain is so bloody tiring.

I have had three visits to the dentist and two weeks of antibiotics. The second week was the dreaded Metronidazole which gives you stomach cramps and is the one that really doesn’t go with alcohol. So you have to renounce a civilised pleasure as well as put up with pain.

What about fencing?

I’m afraid I’ve packed that in for the time being. prancing about on a hard floor for two hours is not good for over-sensitive teeth. Anyway, the dental work is not yet finished but the pain has diminished greatly. Looks like I’ll need root canal work on the molar next week but, for now, I can think, write, sleep and even drink wine again. So life is good. I expect I’ll re-start the fencing course next time it comes around. Right, now I must pay my gas bill. Oh, it’s good to be back.

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