I have to buy my own diary now.

Monday morning on the first full week of not going to the office. I must be getting close to the last of the ‘firsts’ now. Still to come is the first end-of-the-month when I don’t get a salary payment. But before that date, I should receive the equivalent of nine months’ salary in one lump sum. So that should keep me going.

Today, I need to put some appointments in my diary. But there is no diary. Also, I’m getting a bit low on plain A4. Such essentials are no longer provided by an employer. I actually have to go and buy them. In Staples, diaries cost anything from £2.00 to £30.00. There’s even a ‘buy two, get one free’ deal. Why is there so much price difference between very similar diaries?

Anyway, Lewis is on any moment so more blogging anon.

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